Dealing with a Family Member’s Estate Jewellery


Written by: Cynthia Findlay Antiques Summary: Learn about how to handle estate jewellery from a loved one’s passing. It’s a common enough story: an elderly relative passes away, leaving behind a shockingly extensive collection of valuable items that need to be sorted amongst various children and grandchildren. At best, it can be a stressful experience. If a family member has

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Unique Vintage Engagement Rings


Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques. Antique engagement rings are a perfect choice for a bride with a unique sense of style who wants something different than the standard engagement ring. Of course, a “vintage” engagement ring can mean any one of a number of styles. A wide range of stones and ring styles have been popular throughout the years. Here’s

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3 Tips To Accessorize Every Outfit


Accessorizing your outfit might be a tricky task in some situations where you might want to be looking your best while not want to go overboard with the jewelry. The tips below might come handy in getting it right. Each piece must add value to your whole outfit Fashion designers have often advised women not to wear too much jewelry.

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Vintage Bridal Jewelry


Written by: Fancy That Jewelry Design There are literally dozens of jewelry pairings that you might find for your wedding dress. However, the pairing will differ with each dress style. Pieces of that you might be looking to wear on your big day would consist of rings, bracelets, tiaras, necklaces and earrings. If you are opting for a vintage dress,

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