The four best ways to show off your jewellery

luxurybodyjewelryJewellery comes in many shapes and forms, from oversized to dainty, real to fake and understated to over-the-top. However, jewellery always lifts the spirit and makes an outfit unique to their wearer. Here are some of the four best ways to show off your jewellery.

Show your style spirit – Most of us will have jewellery that we have received from a loved ones, family heirlooms or pieces we have collected on our travels abroad. These pieces may vary from the very simple to the very elaborate. Whichever piece you choose, just remember that jewellery should be worn to match your personal style.

Keep it chic and cheap – Balancing an outfit with jewellery is key to making you look your best. Therefore, if you have a simple outfit, you should wear jewellery that makes a statement and vise versa. If you don’t want to spend too much on your jewellery, imitation pieces can look close to the real thing. Just make sure you feel comfortable in the jewellery you are wearing.

Bring life to outfits with necklaces – A necklace can really lift an outfit. You can choose from a classic string of pearls to a choker or opt for a wide bib with colorful beads.

Face framing earrings – Earrings come in studs, chandeliers and dainty tear drops. If you prefer to wear the same pair daily it is best you choose a pair of simple studs. But for a special occasion, nothing brings an outfit to life, like a pair of chandelier earrings.

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