4 Reasons To Wear A Necklace Instead Of These 4 Accessories


Worn around the midway point around your neck, chokers are a 90s fad that made a quick comeback. This trend can be made of fabrics like: velour, satin, twine, ribbon, leather, gold, and silver. This is a cool accessory to wear with a dress or shirt with a shirt that doesn’t have a high neckline. Unlike chokers, necklace chains have more versatility and can be worn with outfits that have a high or low necklines.


We love the bohemian or shabby chic look that can come with layering beaded necklaces or bracelets, but the beads always get unstrung. No matter the clasp or weaving, loving and wearing a necklace too much can undo it’s delicate design. Also, wearing a beaded necklace or bracelet can lead to skin pinching that is unpleasant. Wearing a necklace or layering two with a simple chain and cross pendants can bring any outfit together.

Plastic Band Bracelets

You’ll find these trending plastic bracelets when you run a 4K, donate to a charity, or want to show your support for a colleague, friend, family member, or cause you believe in. Show your connection to others by dressing up or dressing down in graceful Christian Jewelry. Wearing a refined necklace with an elegant chain that isn’t bulky or gaudy, is a great way to draw attention to your faith instead of how much money you gave.

Leather Cuff

Popular with rockstars and models, leather or pleather cuffs are made to clasp around your wrist like that of a gladiator. Made of thick leather, a cuff can end up aging well or wind up looking dirty. Wearing a gold or silver necklace won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard when dressed down with a rock tee and denim, or dressed up with a dress and heels.

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