A Jewelry Guide to Selecting What’s Right for You

If you’re intrigued by a particular designer, or you have fallen in love with a particular line of jewelry, here’s how to make it work with the rest of your wardrobe.

Collecting one designer – If you have fallen in love with one designer and drawn to more and more pieces from a designer’s line, look at updates from your designer’s store or website. Let your friends and family know how much you love this particular designer to receive vouchers and gifts to grow your range.

Collecting one style – If you shop a specific style of clothing, you should consider extending this to your jewelry as well. Once you choose a jewelry style, you can look out for pieces that match your style identity. Not only will collecting one style define your look, but it will also prevent you from wanting to buy other types of jewelry.

High/low – If you feel preppy one day and like a princess the next, you may have an eclectic side. Look at collecting fun pieces as well as designer Vary your shopping and look at pieces’ from antique shops, department stores or estate sales. Look at combing your pieces from diamond bracelets to freshwater pearl bracelets, and add a few fun pieces of leather and gold. Ensure you can mix and match your pieces for maximum wear ability.

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