Anniversary Gift Guide

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Anniversaries are a great way to show your special someone how much you care. A thoughtful gift that is traditional will make your anniversary more meaningful, however, you don’t need to spend a fortune as there are many online shopping deals that offer personalized jewelry at affordable prices. Here are a few suggestions that can help you buy that perfect gift.

1st wedding anniversary (paper) – Make a pretty friendship bracelet.

2nd wedding anniversary (cotton) – Make a very special daisy bracelet.

3rd wedding anniversary (leather) – Buy a leather charm bracelet with charms that remind you of your relationship.

4th wedding anniversary (books) – Ask your favorite jeweler to make a personalized nomination bracelet with words or images from your loved one’s favorite books.

5th wedding anniversary (wood) – Buy a pair of wooden earrings or a bracelet.

6th wedding anniversary (iron) – A necklace made from recycled iron, is a unique gift that is also eco-friendly.

7th wedding anniversary (wool) – Make a troll bead bracelet with a ball of yarn.

8th wedding anniversary (bronze) – A watch in bronze will make a memorable gift.

9th wedding anniversary (copper) – A flat copper necklace will go with anything in her wardrobe.

10th wedding anniversary (tin) – A little tin man brochure from the wizard of OZ.

11th wedding anniversary (steel) – An expensive evening watch will make a good investment.

12th wedding anniversary (silk) – A watch with a silk strap will be a unique gift.

13th wedding anniversary (lace) – A black lace chocker will make a sexy gift.

14th wedding anniversary (Ivory) – Avoid buying ivory and buy an elephant ring instead.

15th wedding anniversary (crystal) – A crystal shaped brochure will make an unforgettable gift.

Most anniversary gifts can be purchased online. Buy your gift well in advance to your anniversary to ensure there is sufficient time for delivery.


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