Choosing the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

When choosing your earrings, it is important to go for shapes that would be flattering to your face and features. Earrings come in a variety of shapes and this might make the choice more complicated. The following guidelines might come handy in determining which earring styles to go for.

Oval Faces
If you have an oval face, chances are that you would be looking good in almost every earring style. Oval-shaped dangling earrings, however, look particularly good with oval faces. These earrings would bring out the elegance of the face without lengthening it. Teardrop earrings would also be particularly suited to the oval face.

Round Faces
If you have a round face, you might seek to lengthen your features by opting for teardrop or dangle earrings. Generally, women with round faces could opt for long and angular designs and avoid rounded shapes in their accessories.

Heart-Shaped Faces
If your face is heart-shaped, you might want to go for elongated or curved pieces. These shapes would balance out your face and draw attention to your eyes, jawline and cheekbones. Chandelier earrings containing diamond-shaped designs would look particularly good on heart-shaped faces.

Square Faces
In the same way that women with round faces should avoid rounded designs, women with square faces should opt for rounded pieces. These pieces would soften the shape of the jawline and cheekbones. Hoop earrings look particularly good on square faces.

Diamond-Shaped Faces
Long and elegant curves look better with diamond-shaped faces. Earrings with soft curves would attenuate the sharpness of the cheekbones and jawline. Dangle and hoop style earrings would complement this face shape.

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