How to Buy Diamonds

Round cut diamonds on black
Round cut diamonds on black

Diamonds are said to be a girl best friend. However, finding your perfect diamond can sometimes be difficult. A diamond’s value is based on four main criteria: which are color, cut, clarity, and karat. Here are some tips on what to look for before you buy your next diamond jewelry.

Color – Diamonds range from colorless to yellow. The less color a diamond has the more valuable it will be

Cut – Diamonds can be cut in a variety of ways to bring out the stones beauty and shine. The cut would greatly depend on what the diamond will be used for.

Clarity – Indicates how flawless a diamond is. The less damaged the higher its value.

Carat – Carat indicates the diamonds weight. This is described in decimal or fractional parts of a karat. A fraction may represent a range of weights. For example, a diamond that is ½ karat could weigh .47-.54 karat.

Imitation diamonds – There are stones like cubic zirconia that closely resemble diamonds. These stones are a lot cheaper than diamonds. You can also by laboratory created diamonds, which are close in color and clarity as diamonds.

Before you purchase a diamond – Firstly, you should educate yourself about diamonds and understand why they are valuable. Always ask your sales person about who grades their diamonds and what grading guarantee they offer. It is best to get a second opinion before a large purchase of diamonds.


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