How to choose glasses for your face shape

Article Written by  : MMZ Online

Glasses that worn daily should always enhance your features. Therefore make sure the glasses you buy match your face with tips below.

For a square-shaped face – Square faces should look at glasses that will soften their face shape. Therefore consider glasses like aviators, pilots, cats-eye- frame or tortoise shell in gold tones and bright colors. These shapes will soften your strong features. It is advisable to avoid angular and square styles, as they will draw emphasis to the chin.

For a heart-shaped face – The broadness of your face can be reduced if you opt for styles like wayfarers, square and rectangle shaped glasses in black or brown. These will give your face balance and lengthen your jaw. It is best to avoid glasses that are wider on the top, as this will make the top of your face looked wider.

For an oval shaped face – Oval faces will look best in styles that soften and curve their face shape. Look at styles like cat-eye, round, aviators, butterfly or wayfarers. You should avoid choosing narrow, rectangular or short frames as they will lengthen your face.

For a round face – To sharpen your features, choose glasses that are rectangular, triangular or square. These will reduce the fullness in your cheeks. Choose darker shades, as they will make your face look thinner. You should avoid round styles that will make your face look fuller.


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