How to match your earrings to your face shape

beautiful woman in evening dress wearing diamond earringsArticle Written by : NFR Film

Earrings have a way of changing your face shape. Therefore if you have a long face and want to make it look wider, wearing the right earrings maybe the trick. Here are some tips on how to match your earrings to your face shape.

Round face – Round faces, are the widest at the cheekbones with less taper to the chin. To make your face look longer, choose long drop or dangle earrings, which will make your face look longer and slimmer. Avoid wearing large circular earrings, hoops and button studs, which will make your face look rounder.

Long and narrow face – Long faces need more width, and therefore look best with studs, clustered earrings, short dangles, hoops in a medium to large size. Choose round shapes to widen your face and increase fullness.

Square face – Those who have wide square jaws and their foreheads and jawlines are of similar widths, should try to soften their face. Opt for earrings that are medium to long with rounded edges. Oval shaped earrings or hoops are also a good choice. Square faces should avoid square shaped earrings, that reinforces the squareness of their face.

Heart shaped face – Those whose foreheads are wider than there cheeks, have heart shaped faces. These shaped faces have to reduce the shape of their sharp chin. To counteract this, choose earring with wider bottoms like chandelier or tear drop earrings. Wider bottom earrings will help to fill out your face near your chin.


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