How to start a professional jewelry collection

luxurybodyjewelry-jan-2017Article Written by : Signal Television

Including jewelry as part of your professional attire can be a good way to stretch your wardrobe and create interest. However, buying pieces that are professional can sometimes be confusing with the large array of jewelry available in the market. Here are a few suggestions that will get you started.

Noise is never good – In a professional setting, jewelry that makes a clinking or tinkling sound is definitely out of the question. These sorts of jewelry should be worn in a casual setting and avoided in the workplace.

Less is more – You should invest in 1-3 pairs of good quality pieces. Start with diamonds, pearls or hoops in gold that are close to your ears. The closer your earrings are to your ear, the more comfortable you will feel when answering the phone. Choose to wear no more than 3 pieces of jewelry at a time, think a watch, earrings and a bracelet.

Avoid bling – Your professional jewelry should not be dangly or have a lot of studs or bling. Such pieces will distract and make your outfit look less professional.

Wear a watch – A watch is a must for work as it says that you are responsible, aware of the time and also possess other good traits.

Pearls (whether faux or real) – Pearls are a piece for interviews, work functions or networking events.

Don’t be afraid to show personality – Professional jewelry does not have to be boring and can include some fun pieces as long as the occasion permits. In these instances choose statement pieces and simple outfits to match.

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