Makeup Looks That Will Match Your Jewelry

Makeup and jewelry are accessories that are worn to express and impress. To create a look that is well put together, it is important that your makeup and jewelry compliment each other and work to achieve a uniformed look. Here are some makeup and jewelry looks that go well together.

Royal gold and purple eyeshadow – If you are looking for a night out, but prefer not to wear loud eye makeup, this combo is best for you. Look at pairing your royal gold and purple eyeshadow with coffee gold earrings or a mahogany mother of pearl necklace.

Midnight aqua-green shimmer – If you’re wearing a dark outfit, look at offsetting this look with an aqua green shimmer eyeshadow and jewelry in teal. This combo is a balancing act, so make sure you don’t wear too much of either.

Pink nude lips – Nude lips can make anyone looked effortlessly polished and well put together. Look at pairing your nude lips with funky pieces of jewelry in sterling silver or shades of pink that will compliment your paler lips. Consider a statement necklace or earrings, but avoid wearing too many pieces which can confuse your look.

Red lips – For those who are brave, red lips are a simple choice which can impact your entire look. Loud lips will, however, require softer eye makeup to balance your look. However, when it comes to jewelry, look at classic statement pieces that pop. Look at wearing a pearl necklace, diamonds or a classic gold chain with a locket.


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