The First Piece of Jewelry to Get Your Girlfriend

If you’re in a relationship and you have a particular occasion coming up, you may consider buying your girlfriend jewelry as a gift. However, with so many types of jewelry available in the market, most men will be confused and not know exactly what to buy. Here are some simple tips to help you find the perfect piece of jelwery for your girlfriend.

Do your homework – Start off by looking at what your girlfriend wears on a daily basis. You should note down the type of metal she usually prefers. Does she wear a lot of yellow or white gold or does she prefer silver? It is also important to note the style of jewelry she chooses. Some women prefer delicate girly pieces while others prefer bold larger statement pieces.

Go for quality – A quality piece of jewelry is always best as she will be able to wear your gift daily. Therefore, opt for genuine gold or silver, with real gemstones. Quality pieces also have the added benefit that they do not discolor or get damaged easily.

Send the right message – You want your jewelry to send the right message. For example, you should avoid buying a ring if you are not proposing. Look at a bracelet if you are have been together for a few months and a chain if you have been together for a year or so. Earrings are also a good choice as it can be worn for multiple occasions.

Shop smart – Avoid getting pieces from a mall by unknown jewelry manufactures. Instead look at known jewelry stores who create personalized pieces.


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