Three common jewelry mistakes

Jewelry is a vital accessory to brighten an outfit. Often more than the piece itself, it is how you wear it. Wearing the right piece of jewelry, the right way, with the right outfit, avoiding common fashion mistakes is a recipe for success. Sadly, at almost any you see someone wearing something that just doesn’t work. Here are three common jewelry mistakes almost anyone can make:

Match the occasion

The most common faux paus are when someone wears an item of jewelry that doesn’t match the occasion. It takes some experience, but ultimately you should know what is appropriate for a night time gala and what is appropriate for a cocktail party. Swapping the two is an example of something you should avoid.

Materials that don’t match

Another mistake is to wear pieces made from contrasting materials. A perfect example is not knowing which shade of gold matches your outfit. Even this comes with experience or watch some videos online that show how to mix and match different materials. Skilled designers and stylists will know straight away what goes with what.

Statement piece

When you have a lot of jewelry or you can’t choose from a wide range, don’t. Often, the most striking look is when you have a single statement piece where you place all your focus. A good example of a striking piece is something like a pendant. Sometimes less is more and can make all the difference.


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