Tips for Pairing Jewelry With Outfits

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Most women love to wear and own jewelry. Although, most women will know what they like at first glance, they may be unsure how they should pair their bling with their outfits. Here are a few tips on how to pair jewelry with outfits.

Tips for pairing Jewelry with outfits – Earrings

Drop or heavy earrings – These designs work best with collarless tops. In this instance don’t where a necklace and let your earrings steal the show.

Self-colored earrings – If you’re wearing a self-colored earring, match it with a contrast colored clothing. For example, wear a black dress with white earrings.

Shaped earrings – These work best with a gown or a printed dress with a similarly shaped print.

Small hoops /stud earrings – These go well with conservative or formal events. Choose styles in silver, gold or black.

Tips for pairing jewelry with outfits –Bracelets

Avoid wearing a large bracelet on the same wrist as your watch.

If you’re wearing a bracelet, you should be barehanded or have sleeves that end near the elbow.

Small candy colored pieces are best to add to other bracelets and work best with summer looks.

Choose crystal or pearl bracelets for formal events or office functions.

Leather tie bracelets, look best with vintage dresses and leather boots or hippie styles.

Remember that your earrings don’t have to match your bracelet, unless you are attending a formal function.


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