Vintage Bridal Jewelry

Written by: Fancy That Jewelry Design

There are literally dozens of jewelry pairings that you might find for your wedding dress. However, the pairing will differ with each dress style. Pieces of that you might be looking to wear on your big day would consist of rings, bracelets, tiaras, necklaces and earrings. If you are opting for a vintage dress, it is important to look for the right jewelry whether real vintage or vintage-inspired ones to complete your bridal look.

If you are seeking to wear other rings apart from your engagement and wedding ring, it is important that the rings do not outdo the most important ones. You might consider choosing small pieces on the opposite hand in the same metal as the wedding rings.

Engagement/Wedding Ring
Most engagement rings would be bought before the wedding dress. Therefore, you might want to let your significant other know that you would be looking for vintage pieces to complement your dream bridal dress.

Vintage necklaces are perfect for bridal ensembles. You might consider choosing one to suit to dress’ neckline and that will complement your other jewelry pieces. If your dress is already jeweled or embroidered, a heavy necklace might not really work well with it. Necklaces work better with minimalist dresses that have simple cuts.

If your dress comes with long and already embellished sleeves, you might not require a bracelet. Strapless, sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses look better with an elegant and dainty bracelet. However if the bracelet is the main accessory for your look, you might want to opt for a larger piece.

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