Wedding Jewelry Do’s and Dont’s

Your wedding jewelry should complement your dress, your personality and your event. Here are a few points to consider when buying wedding jewelry.

  1. Mix borrowed and new – Avoid wearing matching pieces as this will look boring. To create interest, mix and match jewelry but stay within the general shape, era, and tone of your pieces.
  2. Avoid wearing a necklace with asymmetrical gown – If your dress is one shoulder, your dress is already making a statement. Adding a necklace to this look will unbalance your dress. Instead, invest in a nice pair of earrings and a bold cuff.
  3. Bring your headpiece when trying on earrings – If you are wearing a headpiece bring it along when selecting earrings.
  4. Avoid wearing a watch – Close up shots with a watch will look less elegant. Instead, choose a pretty bracelet.
  5. Don’t mix finishes – When choosing your wedding ring, select one that is shiny if you want a classic or modern look and antique for a rustic or vintage wedding.
  6. Give yourself enough time – Look at selecting your jewelry at least three months in advance to ensure you receive it on time, and you can wear it when fitting on your dress.
  7. Personal style – Wedding jewelry is not Therefore you should love the jewelry you buy for your wedding and be able to wear it for a lifetime.

Quality – Spending on quality pieces that will not get tarnished or come loose is a sensible decision.Save

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